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AromaBug™ BRACELET Aromalet™ Aroma Oil Bracelet Variety of 8 Styles (FREE SHIPPING)..

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Aromalet™ Stainless Steel Aroma Bracelet.  Just like AromaBug™ lockets.  Just add essential oil to the high absorbancy fiber pad.  Has a solid back. Wear it like your favorite bracelet.

Free Shipping. (Limited Time Offer)

Unisex (For Men and Women).

Comes with 8 Colorful high fiber pads.

Black Strap which fits very nicely on your wrist.

Magnetic closure

Easy to change colorful fiber pads.

Extra Fiber Pads available link <<<

AromaBUG™ Family of Aroma Products Link

Essential Oil Variety 3 Pack

Essential Oil Link <<<

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