AromaPin™ AromaBUG™ Personal Aromatherpy Locket Pin (Brooch) (Broach) Over 50 Designs.

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AromaPIN Premium Personal Essential Oil Locket Pin or Brooch.

● High Quality Stainless Steel Construction.

● Size: 30mm diameter. (Apprx. 3/4 in diameter.)

● High Quality Stainless steel construction.

● High Grade Magnetic closures.

● Included: 1 Bottle of Essential Oil. Lavender, Peppermint or May Chang Lemon.

● Included: Seven thick Micro Fiber Absorption Pads. (Assorted colors).

● Included: Clear plastic storage box with lid.

Easy to use. Just add a few drops of essential oil to the felt pad and pin the AromaPin™ to your clothing.  Blouse, Shirt, Uniform, Cap, Scarf or other items of clothing.

Maintain that personal aromatherapy fragrance all day or night long.

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