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Pimp Oil™ Fragrance Oil "Makes your Car Smell Great!".

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Pimp Oil™ The Original Pimp Oil Pimp Oil™  for your ride.  Just put a little on a cotton ball and place it on the floor of your ride.  Get that "Old School" smell back in your ride.  Pimp Oil™ "The Original".

Pimp Oil™ No. 1  Original Scent  Blue color, Unisex Exotic Fragrance.

Pimp Oil™ No. 2  Original Scent Green  color, Unisex Woody Fragrance.

Pimp Oil™ No. 3  Original Scent  Red color, Unisex Hypnotic Fragrance.

Pimp Oil™ No. 4  Original Scent  Clear color, Unisex Light and Smooth Fragrance.

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