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Adrinka Wooden Plaque.

  • 8500

Upgrade your home decor with this Adinkra Wood Plaque. This vertical wall plaque with Adinkra symbols is made of dark brown wood that matches many homes.

This plaque contains four symbols:

  • Gye nyame: "Except for God", representing the power of God. This symbol emhasizes placing God above all that you do.
  • Nkyinkyim: "Twisting", representing the difficulty of life's journey. This symbol means you should be resilient and versatile in the face of life's twists and turns.
  • Dua Afe: "Wooden comb", representing femininity and cleanliness. This means focusing on positive feminine qualities such as grooming, patience, and care.
  • Adinkrahene: "Adinkra King", representing authority, leadership, and charisma. This signifies the importance of being a leader.

    Great for self-motivation or for motivating a family, this beautiful plaque will inspire and delight whoever owns it. Stay inspired with this Adinkra wood plaque. Made of wood. 23.5" long x 5" wide. Made in Kenya.

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