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Baby Mama Card™ and Baby Daddy Card™ 4 Pack FREE SHIPPING (Official and Original).

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Looking for something to give you a smile or get someone you know to have a little laugh?  Well, this is it the "Official Baby Mama Card" ™  Premier Edition.

Also available on AMAZON:

A great way to break the ice when you meet a new person who you may be interested in.

Give them to your friends. Or people you know.

Attention Baby Mamas.  Don't let these people tell you that they are denying your benefits.  Show them your Baby Mama Card.  This can open the door to the free benefits you deserve.

Also available is the "Official Baby Daddy Card".™ This card allows the owner to pay his baby mama whatever he can.  It also allows him to see his baby and his Baby Mama Fine Ass whenever he wants a Booty Call.  

"The court told me to pay my Baby Mama $1,200.00 a month. " I showed them my Official Baby Daddy Card and They reduced my payment to $200.00" Thank you Baby Daddy Card.  Matthew B.  Savannah, Ga.  New website  New website

This is a Novelty Card and has no cash value and cannot be used at ATM machines.

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