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Honey: Beechwood Honey Premium

Honey: Beechwood Honey Premium

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Beechwood Honey is produced by bees who gather the sweet aromatic nectar that appears like dew on the beechwood trees of New Zealand's South Island rainforests.

The color of beechwood honey is based on seasonality. Honey produced in the spring is auburn in color and falls under the Light Amber category in the Pfund color grading system. Beechwood in the autumn is claret in color and falls under the Amber category on the Pfund color grading system.

The sweet aromatic sap is sourced from the beechwood trees and collected by bees. Once in the hive the process begins of turning the sap into honey. The apiarist extracts the Honeydew Honey from the wax at very low temperatures. Depending on when it is harvested in the spring or autumn colors and taste can be quite different. Unlike the Manuka honey beechwood honey is liquid in texture.

Beechwood honey has the richest mineral content of all honeys. Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Iron, Selenium, Chromium, Sodium.

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