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Book: Everyday Crystal Rituals

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Manifest desires with crystal healing prescriptions for your home, career, and relationship from Everyday Crystal Rituals.

Crystal Rituals channel inner desires to create outward change. In Everyday Crystal Rituals, you’ll learn practical applications to crystal healing and manifest the life you want to lead at home, work, and in love.

From mending broken hearts, to removing career obstacles, to inviting creativity into your home, these rituals make sacred practices part of your daily routine. Complete with 100 crystal profiles that explain their individual healing powers, plus an introduction on tuning into crystal energy, Everyday Crystal Rituals is your down-to-earth guide for healing with crystals.

Everyday Crystal Rituals awakens your ability to live in fulfillment, love, and abundance with:

  • An introduction to crystal healing that explains how to call on crystal energy and manifest powerful intentions with purpose.
  • 60 rituals for focused healing of real obstacles around love and relationships, career, wealth, and home life.
  • 100 profiles of the most common crystals with practical information on how to use them to achieve your life goals.
  • Whether you’re new to working with crystals or they’re already a big part of your life, Everyday Crystal Rituals makes manifesting positive change a daily ritual.

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