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Book: Voo Doo for Beginners

Book: Voo Doo for Beginners

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Are You Curious About the Ancient Form of Mystical Spirituality, Voodoo, and Interested to Learn It? Here’s How to Kickstart Your Voodoo Skill!

What is Voodoo?

There’s more to Voodoo than making dolls that control people.

This practice goes way back in history but because many people still take interest in it, its rituals have been passed around and carried on by modern-day practitioners in the form of seemingly harmless magic, hoodoo.

However, it isn’t harmless at all.

Dealing with magic means you’re dealing with unnatural things.

Voodoo is a religion to which some people who practice it explain that there is another being that possesses magic powers using them.

Despite it being from so long ago, this religion has continued to adapt, grow, and evolve throughout the years.

But how much do we really know about them?

The rituals are seen as intriguing since they are from a different worldview or culture as they originated in Africa.

However, when hearing the word “Voodoo”, zombies and dolls with needles are usually what’s imagined.

With the help of Voodoo for Beginners, you could have a deeper understanding of what Voodoo really is and have a chance to practice it yourself! In this book you’ll find:

  • History of Voodoo: How did Voodoo reach America and what’s involved when practicing it
  • Elements of Voodoo: What are the essential elements of this practice and how to set them up
  • Voodoo Rituals: How to perform some rituals that you could use for others

Aside from the information it gives about Voodoo itself, it will also guide you to start your journey into it!

This religion is greatly misunderstood.

There is more to it than dolls…

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