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Brother Bru-Bru's - All Natural African Hot Pepper Sauce Original Recipe

Brother Bru-Bru's - All Natural African Hot Pepper Sauce Original Recipe

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Brother Bru-Bru's - African Hot Pepper Sauce Original Recipe - 5 oz. (149 ml)

Brother Bru-Bru's African Hot Pepper Sauce Original Recipe the favorite original blend of habanero and japones peppers with Brother Bru Bru’s African spices, in an apple cider vinegar base.

About Brother Bru-Bru
Brother Bru-Bru is a fun-loving, robust fellow who has spent a large portion of his life in the pursuit of wine, women, song, food, etc. His lifestyle caught up with him in his 50′s; a routine medical check-up revealed a severe case of high blood pressure, a common diagnosis for many African Americans. When his doctor told him to lose weight and, worse yet, sentenced him to a life term of salt-free food, he was devastated. Almost all his favorite recipes called for salt, and the commercial hot sauces to which he was addicted were all loaded with salt.

He was determined to put some joy back into his diet, so he started experimenting, researching, collecting and blending peppers and spices. Bru-Bru was a lover of African culture and musical, having played with Hugh Masekela and Olatunji among others. Well- traveled, he was familiar with many of the exotic flavors of the mother continent and started incorporating them into his emerging blend.

Brother Bru-Bru realized that he had fallen into an almost magical potion that would take your taste buds on an exotic journey, give you an intense, endorphin-pumping, habanero-powered heat rush, earn you the respect and admiration of your friends (for being able to endure so much heat) and make you healthy, all at the same time.


  1. They taste great!
  2. Hot peppers are loaded with vitamin C (357% more than oranges).
  3. Hot peppers stimulate the nerve endings with false pain messages which cause the brain to produce endorphins which make you feel good.
  4. Hot peppers tend to dissolve life-threatening blood clots.
  5. Under lab conditions, hot pepper sauces kill certain harmful bacteria found in raw oysters and other sea food.
  6. Hot peppers have actually caused tumors of the prostate to shrink in a laboratory setting.
  7. Medical researchers have found that topically applied hot pepper extracts can relieve chronic pain in certain cases.
  8. Garlic (which is used liberally in Brother Bru-Bru’s African Hot Sauce) is known to convey a whole pantheon of health benefits on its users.
  9. Many of the African spices which are used in Brother Bru-Bru’s African Hot Sauce for their flavors are used as folk remedies by traditional African herbalists.
  10. Long-term users of Brother Bru-Bru’s concoctions can thrill and amaze their friends by drinking ordinary hot sauces right out of the bottle.
  11. They taste great!

About Brother Bru-Bru's Hot Sauce
Brother Bru-Bru’s ORIGINAL African Hot Pepper Sauce is all natural with no sodium, no sugar, no gluten, no artificial coloring and no preservatives. Their new ORGANIC Chipotle and ORGANIC Chili Pepper Sauces have a wee bit of sodium in them – 20 mg per teaspoon.

Tribal people all over the world use hot pepper potions, not only to enhance food flavors, but also as folk remedies for a number of ailments including indigestion, nasal and sinus congestion, sore muscles and arthritis. Ingesting hot peppers can actually cool you in a hot climate by causing your face and scalp to sweat.

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