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Burner: Cast Iron Pentacle Pot Burner

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Cast Iron Pentacle Pot Burner
Small three legged potbelly style cauldron with an upright pentacle design on the front and back.  Cauldron features a built in handle & matching cover and measures approximately 3-1/4" high by 3" wide. 
Small but versatile, this portable cauldron makes a great vessel for burning cone incense, self-lighting incense powders, and charcoal-burning resin incenses and scented oils.  Also perfect for scrying (when filled with water), holding small items, or housing small plants. 
The pentagram represents the balance of spirit and the material world, with the 5 points representing spirit and the elements of earth, air, fire, and water.  It symbolizes protection, life, and health. The terms pentacle and pentagram are frequently used interchangeably.
This cauldron is NOT suitable for food use. 

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