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Official White Privilege Card™ and Official Race Card™ 4 Pack FREE SHIPPING (Official and Original)

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Looking for something to give you a smile or get someone you know to have a little laugh?  Well, this is it the "Official White Privilege Card" ™ 

** If you want the TRUMP White Privilege Card, Click Here **

A great way to break the ice when you meet a new person who you may be interested in.

Give them to your friends. Or to people who you know.

Are you tired of paying higher interest rates, denied comfortable housing and have to send your kids to a run-down school building? This card can open the door for you to enjoy the same benefits that White people enjoy daily. 

Also available is the "Official Race Card".™ When the Man pulls you over and asks you for your drivers license, just give him your license along with the Race Card.  He will probably laugh and let you go.

"The police stopped me and asked me why I had a gun on the back seat.?" I showed him my Official Race Card and he told me to have a nice day." Who does that? Montreal Jackson, Chicago, IL.  New website Now Open  New website Now Open

This is a Novelty Card and has no cash value and cannot be used at ATM machines.

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