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Incense: Mini Sticks, 20 per pack Shorties display.

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Peace of Mind:  incense. Relaxing fragrance with just a hint of peach.

Blend 22:  A blend of 22 different fragrances. Fruity and Delicious.

Dragons Blood: Resinous and Slightly Sweet.

Patchouli: Earthy, Exotic, and Mysterious.

Cinnamon: A warm spicy fragrance often burned to give a uplifting feeling of prosperity and abundance.

Awapuhi:A sweet scent of Hawai'ian ginger flowers growing wild in damp tropical forests.

Sandalwood: A smooth, woodsy scent of the sandalwood tree.

India Moon: A warm woodsy scent with notes of soft clove, deep patchouli, vanilla, vetiever and spicy cedar.

20 Sticks in a pack.

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