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Doll: African American Dolls for Everyone

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  • Yes, a nice looking African American Doll.  Something you would be proud to give as a gift or own for yourself. 
  • Choose these black dolls to accompany your kids, play with them together or sleep with them. Besides, they can dress the doll up according their preferences. You know, In the kids’ world, that is everything.
  • ❤Fashion and Cute Girl and Boy Doll - They are 12 inches tall with high grade acrylic eyes. Eyes do not blink. The handmade black exploding hair is implanted. Use your imagination to change hairstyles.
  • ❤ Material - Made of vinyl PVC material which is environmentally friendly. It is not soft like the cotton doll but still comfortable to touch.
  • ❤Flexible Structure - 100% handmade with hand painting. Joints of arms, legs and head can rotate 360°. Head and limbs can move. Dolls can sit or lie down but cannot stand or speak. Clothes on dolls can be removed to wash.
  • ❤Ideal for: Children or elderly people who need company.
  • Life like, Soft vinyl material.

    Variety of Clothing Colors,, Styles and Hair Textures.  We will ship a RANDOM COLOR to you on-line.  You can pick your doll out in person at our store.


    Link to Sweet Cinnamon Baby Girl Doll

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