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Florida Water Bar Soap: Refreshing for Men and Women

Florida Water Bar Soap: Refreshing for Men and Women

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Florida Water Bar Soap

  • Our floral tones project a fresh and clean fragrance perfect for men or women, while the unique formulation provides a refreshing vibe. Create an inviting aura with this Cologne by Murray & Lanman's Florida Water.
  • Murray & Lanman's Florida Water acts with a pleasing effect as an astringent lotion. It helps you clean the pores, tone-up the skin, and leave it with a feeling of freshness and radiance.
  • Before shaving, Florida Water softens the toughest beard and prepares the skin for a smooth shave. And, after shaving, it contracts the pores, helping to soothe and heal skin abrasions.
  • As a body fragrance, there is no more delightful scent than Murray & Lanman's Florida Water. Unobtrusive and remindful of a flower-garden, you can use it over your body or as a cloth refresher.
  • A massage with Murray & Lanman's Florida Water after exercise produces a delicate, delightful, and refreshing sensation to your muscles, and at the same time, relaxing to the nerves.