Ginger, Crystallized Organic 4 oz.

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Crystallized Organic Ginger  4 oz. box.

Ginger People Organic Crystallized Ginger are succulent, tender chunks of premium organic crystallized ginger can be enjoyed as a snack or as a flavorful baking ingredient. Ginger People bring you the absolute best organic ginger - soft, tender baby ginger that is a perfect balance of spicy and sweet. This special ginger comes from the ginger farm of BiPo village. The farmers of this peaceful village have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of the purest organic ginger found on Earth. Born from centuries of skillful cultivation on the farms of Southern China, the organic ginger held within these bags represent the simplicity and purity that has been handed down from generation to generation by the families of Bipo. The Ginger People, sincerely thank you for helping to support the men and women of Bipo, and wish to remind you that each tender piece of ginger is not only of the absolute highest quality, but also itself a piece of history. The Ginger People and BiPo are proud to present the bounty of their harvest.