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Mask: Charcoal Bamboo Mask

Mask: Charcoal Bamboo Mask

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Bamboo Charcoal Black Mask is made with Charcoal and minerals; natural ingredients that help clean dirt and oil from pores allowing moisture to be absorbed into the skin. The mask gently cleanses away oil, deep cleans and naturally draws pore-clogging dirt from skin. It is easy to apply and remove. Ideal for both Men and Women.
Activated charcoal has many benefits for your skin including the ability to:

• Deep clean pores, removing dirt, debris and oil

 • Reduce oiliness

• Remove blackheads

 • Minimize skin inflammation

 • Diminishes size of pores

• Help prevent acne breakouts by removing excess oil and toxins

 • Allow moisture to absorb into skin

• Give skin a whiter, softer, healthier appearance

DIRECTIONS: Use once a week or as often as needed. • Apply evenly to clean, dry face avoiding eyes, brows and lips. • Allow to dry for 20-30 minutes until completely dry. • Peel off in an upward direction starting at the jawline. • Rinse with cool water. Watch your skin shake off the shroud of dullness and take on a new clarity!

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