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Roller Balls: Stainless that fit your 5 to 15 ML Amber Bottles

  • 200

Stainless steel roller ball inserts that fit 5ml and 15ml essential oil amber bottles!  Now, you can turn your shaker top oil bottles into roller bottles with these stainless steel rollerballs.  You can use your used oil bottles to make blends and add carrier oils to dilute oils that you don’t want to use full strength.  Now you don't have to waste your essential oil bottles!  Turn them into roller bottles and share with your family and friends!

To use simply place the rollerball in the bottle opening and press firmly until is snaps in place.  Add the cap and you are go to go!


  • Stainless Steel Roller Ball

  • Fits Amber Bottles 5ml - 100ml

  • Reuse your old oil bottles.

  • Will NOT work with Roller Bottles, only regular amber bottles.

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