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Rosewood Essential Oil 5ml.

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Rosewood Essential Oil 5ml.

Rosewood aroma is especially pleasing and uplifting. It has a sweet, woodsy aroma with a tea-like note. The oil is found in many spiritual and emotionally uplifting aromatherapy blends, such as our Virya blend, and works well in a diffusser to create a warm and happy atmosphere.

Rosewood essential oil may be useful in skin care blends as well. It has been noted to "create skin elasticity" and is "soothing to the skin". It is further recognized to support elimination of candida from the skin and possibly slow the aging process.

Recent research has indicated Rosewood's anti-cancer potential for the skin as well. Application of the essential oil was found to lead to the death of cancerous and pre-cancerous skin cells, while leaving healthy cells unaffected.

Rosewood can be included in a great many blends to round out the aroma, be they for therapeutic or purely aromatic use.

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