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Salt Lamp: Tear Drop Shape - Out of Stock

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Himalayan Salt Lamp. Tear Drop Design.

There are so many benefits to these beautiful salt crystal lamps.
- Cleaner, more purified air
- A natural, healthy mood elevator
- Increased concentration
- Assistance with natural healing process
- A fresh, clean smelling home
- Reduced electromagnetic pollution in your home

They're great as night lights for any room in your house



It's best to leave these lamps on 24 hours a day. If they're in a bedroom it's OK to turn them off during the evening but it's important to put them back on in the morning. Due the the salt, they absorb moisture and can leave a water mark on the table. If you are heading out for a few days and don't want to leave them on then all you need to do is pop the lamp in a plastic bag and it will be protected from the elements.

Weight: 8.00lb
Length: 5.5 "
Width: 5.5 "
Height: 9 "

Himalayan Salt Lamps are mined deep underground from the Himalayan mountains.
Color of salt crystal varies as it is a natural rock

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