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Shelf: Counter Top Expandable Bamboo

  • 6000

This Expandable Bamboo Shelf is a convenient kitchen cabinet organizer that makes it easy to locate cans and other small containers. A versatile kitchen accessory, the step up shelves allow you to keep labels visible on more condiments and provide more convenient cabinet storage. The three shelves of the bamboo organizer will create four levels of storage in your cabinet, allowing you to easily locate and retrieve smaller items stored in back.

The step down design of the cupboard shelf helps prevent items from being knocked down or tipped over. Expandable to 23 inches wide, the cabinet organizer is spacious enough to store all your favorite condiment jars and cans, or ever function as a full spice rack. Constructed of stylish bamboo, the expandable shelf begs to be put on display, perhaps to show off small collectibles, your favorite hot sauces, or decorative kitchen accessories.

Constructed of attractive bamboo and expandable to provide plenty of versatile cabinet storage, this Expandable Bamboo Shelf is ideal for keeping your favorite condiments and spices at your fingertips, preventing smaller containers from disappearing in the back of your cupboards, storing your medications and vitamins, or displaying small decorative items.
  • Bamboo Expandable Step Shelf Features:
  • Allows you to display condiment labels.
  • Step down design to prevent things from getting knocked down.
  • Expandable to 23 inches wide.
  • Stylish and durable bamboo construction.
  • Organizes kitchen cupboards.

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