Stone: Poppy Jasper Palm Stone

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A smooth, polished Poppy Jasper Palm Stone to hold during crystal healing. The perfect size to carry with you, simply hold this stone to soothe your nerves and benefit from the crystal's energy.

Poppy jasper is aligned with the dynamic navel chakra, Swadisthana. It is said to bring inner strength and a positive, pro-active approach to life.

Positive, soothing and glowing with warm color, this popper jasper palm stone is the perfect gift for anyone who loves crystals.

Our standard palm stones are excellent for crystal healing and make it easy to carry your favorite crystal with you. Palm stones are designed to fit into the palm of your hand and have a lovely tactile shape. They can be used in lots of ways and are beautiful enough to display at home. Lay these palm stones on the skin, use them focus energy, carry them with you or simply hold the stone to feel its energy. We also have crystal thumb stones that are smaller and have an indentation for your thumb.

Stones sold by the each.