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Wand: Serpentine Massage Stone

Wand: Serpentine Massage Stone

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Serpentine Massage Wand  3 in long.

Longevity; detoxification; parasite elimination; calcium and magnesium absorption; hypoglycemia; diabetes; cellular regeneration; lethargy; clearing blocked energy; mental and emotional imbalances; focusing healing energy toward problem areas Serpentine derives its name from the similarity of its coloring and often smooth surfaces to the skin of some snakes; throughout history, it has been believed to protect against snake venom and creatures such as spiders, bees, and scorpions. Serpentine is one of the best stones for rousing the kundalini energies.

When the kundalini is awakened, individuals may experience a wide range of psychic and spiritual phenomena, some of them quite intense. However, the central experience is that of feeling the serpent rise up like a fire in the spine, activating each chakra and ultimately emerging from the crown, like the snake hovering over the head of the Sphinx. Serpentine assists in bringing about a safe and balanced awakening of these profound energies. Like the DNA of life on this planet, Serpentine carries within it the matrix of evolution for the Earth herself. Through attunement with Serpentine, one can access the history, learning and evolutionary story of all of Nature in all of the dimensions in which this planet exists.

The frequency of this mineral allows one to unlock the stored cumulative knowledge of the natural world and enhances communication with Nature and the Earth, including plant, animal, and mineral communication. It is powerful for working energetically to bring the old reptilian part of the brain into the service of the higher brain.

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