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Black Sage: Mugwort Jumbo Stick

Black Sage: Mugwort Jumbo Stick

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Black Sage, Mugwort: psychic inducer, protection while traveling. Burned as incense will cause psychic visions, placed under pillow promotes astral travel.

Often used to protect against evil spirits, Mugwort is also believed to also dispel fatigue from travelers, aid in astral travel, dream magic and divination. Most stock originates from Eastern Europe. Jumbo 8 inch stick.

To use. Light the smudge stick, wait a moment, then blow out the flame. Fan embers lightly to keep it smoldering (may need to relight if it extinguishes.) Use the smoke to "wash" persons, property or spaces.  Smudge stick measures approximately 5 in. long by 1 in. wide and will last for many uses if extinguished properly after each use.