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Book: How to Read Wisdom Oracle Cards (Chakra)

  • 1695

This easy-to-use, step-by-step book will help readers gain a profound understanding of how to work with Tori Hartman’s bestselling Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards.

This book is aimed at all those who want to work with the hugely successful Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, whether they are seeking to read for themselves at a more profound level, to learn to read for friends and family, or even to start reading for clients professionally. It offers a useful starting point for those new to the cards, as well as enhanced information not featured elsewhere for those already proficient in using them.
This highly practical book explains step by step how to prepare for and then conduct a reading session, whether you are working on your own or with others. It includes multiple exercises and covers every aspect of oracle card reading, such as:

   • The difference between an oracle and the tarot
   • How to bypass your conscious mind and trust your intuition
   • How to contact and work with the Great Spirits through the cards
   • How to engage the “neutral observer”
   • How to interpret each of the 49 Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards through the Seven Aspects (journey card or life lesson / what's inherited / what's current / the journey ahead / darkness / dawn / light)
   • Developing your own personalized spreads
   • The ethics of reading for others and how to do so safely
This is a must-read for anyone interested in using oracle cards and taking their skills to the next level.

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