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Can of Bull Sh*t™ (Novelty item) Original, Personalized or Limited Edition (bullshit)

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Can of Bull Sh*T™ (Novelty)  Beige or Green Labels.

Great gift for someone who has everything or for a reminder to you about the job that you have.  They come in the following styles of labels.

The cans are sealed just like buying food in the grocery store.  The contents of the can is either beans or peas. 

1.  Original Label.  Blank Name Plate: Space for you to write your name, employer, school, bank, cable company or whatever. Or you can just have the blank nameplate. as pictured.

2.  Personalized Label:  This Can with Label will come personalized for you.  You just tell us what you want printed on the Nameplate. (Example: Your name, or your place of work, etc.).  The can with label attached will be shipped to you. Rear of label is same as other versions.

3. Limited Edition Label: This Can with Label printed (Limited Edition).  Rear of label is same as other versions.


1. Click the ADD to Cart Button.

2. In the Box (Special instructions for seller) is where you Type the text that you want printed on the label. Example: your name, your job, your friends name, etc.

3.You can type up to 20 characters including spaces.

4. Now Click the Check Out Button.

Size of can is approximately 4-1/4 in high by 2-7/8 in dia. (like a can of peas)., and This product contains a copyright.  ©2017

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