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Mask: Mask Bugs: Aromatherapy for your Face Mask.. (TWO PACK)

  • 1999

Mask Bugs are unique Aromatherapy difussers for your face mask.  Stainless steel Device.

Easy to use.  Just add a few drops of essential oil.  The Mask Bug has a magnetic closure on the rear which easily attaches to your mask or clothing.

The Top and Bottom Screw together and the felt pad is in the middle.

Size is 12mm. (Small size). Tiny Size.

Included are (2) Mask Bugs and (6) Six felt pads, per each unit, to add your essential oil to.

Designs vary: Either Original Aromabug™ or Tree of Life design.

Available in Original AromaBUG™ Design.

From the inventors of the AromaBUG™.

Original AromaBUGS

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