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Mouse Duster™ All Natural Mouse Repellant Unit

  • 3599

Mouse Duster™ is the complete kit that will let you Repel Mice in your home, garage, boat, RV, cabin or wherever.

No Poison, No Trap, No Killing, Just Keeps Them Away.  The unit is simple, but it works. 

Your unit includes the following:

1. Mouse Duster™Jar with perforated top.

2.  Cotton Balls.

3.  2 oz. Bottle of Natural Essential Oil Blend.

You will receive a 9 oz. Amber Glass Jar with  plastic top with holes drilled in it.  Simply put the attached Cotton Balls into the jar and add the All Natural Oil Blend, which repels mice.  A 2 oz. bottle of Oil Blend is included with each unit you order.  Replace the cap with the holes that are open to the air.  Place the Mouse Duster™ in a corner of a room or anywhere you feel a mouse may want to come in.  Mice do not like this smell, but people do. 

That is all there is to it.  It works.

This unit is reusable.  When the oil dries out, just add more oil and you are good to go.

* Refill Oil Blend also available on this site.

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