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Rose Water: Atomizer Mist Spray

Rose Water: Atomizer Mist Spray

  • 1990

Heritage Rose Petals Rosewater Flower Water Atomizer Mist Sprayer - 8 oz. (240 mL)

Real rose oil makes the "queen of the flowers" truly come alive in Heritage's fine, completely natural essence. Highly regarded for thousands of years, Rosewater is an uplifting, revitalizing fragrance that is for many the epitome of romantic love. In aromatherapy Rosewater is used primarily for emotional security, pleasure, spiritual atonement, and keeping the heart open and connected. It's astringent, regenerative properties make rosewater a popular choice for acne and aging skin. Among the several Cayce formulas which included Rosewater were a skin stimulate, beautify, and prevent blemishes. For a formula similar to the latter, try adding a little Rosewater to a partially emptied bottle of Aura Glow, and then remember to shake before use!

Rose Petals Rosewater
"For as the rose represents purity, as it represents the aroma, the sweetness, the beauty of its fragrance, then let the pronouncements, the manner in which the entity may lead, guide or direct others be in that direction."

  • Pure, Natural Essence
  • From European roses
  • Popular Gourmet Flavoring
  • Recommended in the Edgar Cayce Readings
  • Cruelty Free

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