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Sea Moss: Wildcrafted and salted. 4 oz.

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Link: How to make Perfect Sea Moss Gel

Sea moss is one of the most popular ways to fight aging and increase the body's immunity to disease. It promotes healthy lungs, brain, bones, and improves your mood.

Sea Moss can contain up to 92 different minerals. The oceans are filled with many nutrients that are rare on land. Sea Moss contains vitamins A, C, Zinc, Beta-Carotene, and collagen.

Because of the way that naturally harvested Sea Moss grows, the different nutrients, sunlight and temperature make a food supplement that is helps your body in many different ways. Sea Moss is also known for helping heart, metabolism, thyroid, digestion, hair, skin and even libido. Caribbean Sea Moss    4 oz. jar.

Link: How to make Perfect Sea Moss Gel

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