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Selenite Generator Point Stone

  • 1900

A Generator (or Standing Point) is a powerful tool to aid focus and clarity of intention. It optimizes the stone's healing facility.

Dimensions (approx.):
Length: 1 3/4"
Width: 1 3/4"
Height: 4"
Weight approx 250g - 285g

Selenite is known as the Mystical stone of "Crystal Clarity". Its high vibrational energy fills our being and all aspects of all our lives with pure love and light of the Divine Source. Selenite provides clarity of mind, and enhances awareness of self and surroundings.

Selenite helps us to reach new states of consciousness, to rapidly shift blocked energy, clear away negative energy and remove emotional turmoil and confusion. Selenite will also cleanse other crystals, clear unwanted energies and permeate its surroundings with pure clean white light energy. Simply place crystal on or next to your Selenite for approximately 15 minutes for a quick cleanse. If the crystal, item or mineral is left on the selenite for a longer period of time, the energy of the mineral will transmit through the selenite and permeate the room.

Selenite is able to transmit light, energy and information. She balances the energy fields and regulates its flow, enhancing alignment with the divine.

Selenite crystals are well known to have the metaphysical properties of clearing negative energies and bringing in the light energy. Selenite grids are often used to protect one's home or work area.

An excellent stone to use in meditation, Selenite enhances intuition and understanding. It assists one to receive knowledge. It is also used in accessing past lives, revealing their karmic ties to our current embodiment and how to release those ties.

The perfect crystal for problem solving, the use of Selenite brings insight into the very nature of things and allows your intuition to spring forward. A very healing stone, like moonlight, it works softly as it slowly clears a pathway to self revelation.

By far this is a must have for everyone. Selenite is truly powerful. It is just pure peace and tranquility and also known as the stone of truth and honesty.

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