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Stone: Banded Black Agate (Thumb Worry Stone)

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Enjoy the wonderful power of black agate with this Banded Black Agate Thumbstone.  The stone has an indentation for your thumb that makes it easy to hold and focus on during meditation or crystal healing.  The stripes of white and sometimes brown shine through for a delightfully dramatic finish.

Banded black agate is believed to have a grounding, soothing energy. It is believed to reduce stress, give you courage and have an overall balancing effect. It is also said to protect on all levels.

Our thumb stones are ideal for crystal healing, meditation or display. These stones are the perfect size to hold in your hand and each one has an indentation for your thumb. You can use thumb stones in lots of different ways - in crystal healing, to hold during meditation, carried with you or used as a worry stone.

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