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Stone: Blue Kyanite Crystal Blade (No longer available)

Stone: Blue Kyanite Crystal Blade (No longer available)

  • 2400

Blue Kyanite Crystal Blade.  Aprox 4 in. x 3/4

Kyanite is a meditation crystal that is used when other crystals are seemingly just not helping. It seems to be the most powerful crystal for helping establish a deep meditative state. It is also a personal talisman that is very effective in keeping you safe from a variety of ailments and misfortunes.

Metaphysical Properties: One of only two stones which never needs cleansing or clearing. Stone of atonement. Good for communication, mental awareness. Stimulates psychic awareness. Excellent for meditation and dream recall. Corresponding Astrological Signs: Taurus, Libra, Aries Chakras: Aligns all chakras automatically and immediately. Also used for opening the chakras. Blue Kyanite is also excellent for use specifically on the throat and third-eye chakras.

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