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Stone: Cobaltian Calcite, Africa (OUT OF STOCK)

Stone: Cobaltian Calcite, Africa (OUT OF STOCK)

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Cobaltian Calcite - Expressive Joy Can coordinate the release of certain buried emotional states at the 2nd & 3rd chakra level. Can bring an enhanced awareness of one's own body language. Increased harmony noted for people working with each other. Allows a freer communication among the emotional, aetheric and physical bodies. There is a connection with Uranus and this stone. Sphaerocobaltite is a beautiful and colorful mineral. It is also known as cobaltocalcite and cobaltian-calcite. However, these names are often used when referring to calcite that has an appreciable amount of cobalt in its structure as an impurity. The result of the presence of the cobalt is that the calcite is colored a pale pink. In pure sphaerocobaltite (most examples contain a small but significant percentage of calcium), the coloring effect is magnified. The sometimes deep rose-red to pink color is very attractive and unique. It is easy to confuse sphaerocobaltite with two other carbonates; rhodochrosite and stichtite, because all three are described as red to pink minerals. However, side by side the color difference is obvious, as sphaerocobaltite has a more "hot pink" color than the redder pink of rhodochrosite or the more purple-pink of stichtite. Confused? Well, you just need to see them. Sphaerocobaltite, fortunately, is further distinguished by its occurrences with cobalt bearing veins that have been affected by carbonated waters. It is found as crusts and small crystals in many cobalt ore locations around the world, but it is the mines of Shaba, Zaire that have produced the most outstanding specimens. Some specimens are draped with acicular dark green malachite crusts and the combination makes for a very colorful specimen.

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