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Stone: Kyanite Tumble Stone

Stone: Kyanite Tumble Stone

  • 2900

Flat, bladed Kyanite Tumble Stones display lightly striated clear blue crystals. Kyanite is aligned with the throat chakra Vishuddha and is believed to encourage creativity and communication. This makes our kyanite tumble stone a great gift for artists and healers, helping to free their creative spirit.

Each tumble stone has been tumble polished, a process that smoothes and polishes the crystal to reveal its unique color and form. Tumble stones are a wonderful way to enjoy crystals, whether for their beauty or healing powers.

Tumblestones make an ideal healing crystal - the perfect size to hold, place on the body or carry with you. They make great gifts and we have a wide range of inexpensive tumbled stones to add to your crystal collection or bring a little natural beauty into your home.

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