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Tarot: Soul Truth Self Awareness Card Deck (Free Shipping)

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This card deck was designed to support you as you deepen your relationship to self on a daily basis. Each day, let your intuition guide you, and choose one or more cards from the deck. After you read the card, take some time to meditate on the question or journal your answer. Self-awareness is a beautiful thing. Your soul knows what you want and has the map to get there. If you ask your soul the right questions, listen openly, and take soul-driven action, you will transform your life forever. Soul Truth taps into your inner wisdom and gives you spiritual guidance to unleash your potential and courageously live your soul’s sacred purpose. Deck includes 55 Cards.

Each card includes an introspective, thought-provoking question and a corresponding soul action and mantra.

Contents: 1 box with 55 cards.

Dimensions: 5½" tall x 4" wide x 1¼" deep.

Instructions: Use these collectible cards everyday to set your intention and affirm your greatness. Feel free to choose a selection process that resonates with you. Here are some possibilities:

  • Shuffle the cards and use your intuition to select the card that is perfect for your day or challenge.
  • Shuffle the cards once and take the top card off the deck each day.

Free Shipping.

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